Don't F**k With Cats (2019)

L: 6/10

M: 6.5/10

Analysis from an aerosol can in the shower, upside down to prevent rust:

I went into this documentary, without a sliver of backstory or research, besides seeing it on occasion the last couple of weeks while par-using Netlfix. I wasn’t sure what it was about but presumed it was about cats, and the need to not fuck with them. Maybe it was a faux-documentary, maybe a rom-com with a cat as the lead. The places this three-part series goes completely caught me off guard, and for the first time in my life, I believe I may or may not have participated in the phenomena known as “binge-watching.” With a stranger than ever sleep schedule thanks to two jobs, one being third shift, I find myself awake at odder than usual hours and stretching the human limits of sleep deprivation. I watched the first episode, and then the third one was over, and the sun was up, and today was yesterday.

While being a captivating tale about how a bizarre animal snuff film caught traction and ended up in the path of some very dedicated internet sleuths, this series is far from perfect. With many documentaries, recently more so than ever, even if the topic is entirely one-sided, it still gives off an over-produced sleazy vibe. They have become so mass-produced and edited to the nines, that the line between documentary and feature high budget film is getting slimmer and slimmer in my eyes. And come on already with these long overdramatic intros to each episode. I track this back to the first season of True Detective, where a fifteen-minute intro set to a song is artistically spliced with overdramatic footage of the series, an art school drop out’s wet dream. Besides those pointless qualms and some research after the fact that some key information was left out, along with the fact that the sleuths in question may have received a little more credit than deserved, this document was pretty good.

After the crosshairs are placed on an unidentified animal abuser in a creepy online video, all paths lead to darker and even more sinister places. A game of cat and mouse takes place, in which multiple videos are uploaded, the graphic nature increasing in each. The internet group closes in but remains steps behind. With genuine concerns that these actions could result in the taking of human life, they try time and time again to reach out to the local authorities of the current places they have pinned the culprit in being. No help is provided until the inevitable happens, and an actual murder takes place.

Once the cops step in, there is a disconnect from the failed attempts of the internet group and the actual police. Some incredibly slow police work takes place, and the culprit eventually gets caught in a dumb way. There is plenty of build-ups, and the pay off exists but shows up in a kind of ho-hum kind fashion. It’s not enough to take away from the uniqueness of the series, it just doesn’t quite deliver on its massive build-up. The closing scenes are annoying pats on the backs from the internet “nerds” (I fucking hate the word nerd and anyone who self identifies as such) when all in all, it doesn’t really feel like they did all that much. The murder was going to be solved without their help, the guy practically wanted to get caught or was just really bad at murder.

Analysis from that ball of rubberbands you started but abandoned halfway through :

I was recommended by so many people. It seems that everyone these days is on the true-crime wave, and I, certainly, have joined the bandwagon. This documentary is a three-part version of anything you could ever find on the ID channel. The element that I might have enjoyed the most was the fact that this group of individuals basically got all nosey and decided to do the work that the police were refusing to do.

I love a vigilante group of people taking over and nerding out over a situation! This show only made me want to be one of them. For months they lived this case. From the beginning of cat killing videos, they had a taste for blood and were out to get the abuser. It just goes to show you the power of what people can do when they decide to band together and put their minds to it. It is also a little terrifying that they can get all of the information they did base on so few clues. It means we are all a little vulnerable to the information we put out there.

In all, I enjoyed this docu-series. It is not something I plan to revisit, and I’m not confident I would recommend it, but it was good enough to enjoy the initial viewing. If you like true crime and the unique stories behind it, then sure, give it a go. If not, I mean meh, you won’t miss too much.

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