Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Vol. 4-6 by Bryan Lee O’Malley (2007-2010)

pilgrim 4

L: 8/10

M: 8/10

Analysis from a bunch of words that don’t mean anything:

While not at all times does the collective story of Scott Pilgrim make sense or flow smoothly, all in all, it is an enjoyable read. It scratches at the surface of being something more profound, but it ends up just being splashy and loud, in all the best ways.

It took me far too long to finish the collective six volumes of this series, and I’m delighted to finally have closure. That is the overarching theme that Mr. Pilgrim and Romona are trying to achieve: Closure. Their past lives come back in the form of evil ex’s, and shake up what unsteady ground they already stand. Past demons are exorcised with swords and anime deathmatches, with the final boss being acceptance and moving on.

Part of me feels a little foolish, even trying to review a series like this. The majority of the time, it feels very childish, all the while hugging the lines of very adult themes, like heartbreak and growing the fuck up. The supporting cast of characters is delightful and helps keep any dull moments from creeping up in the huge page count that adds up when you read all six volumes more or less at once.

If I knew picking the film based off of this series wouldn’t be such a home run, I would selfishly pick it and enjoy it all over again. It takes the best parts of this series, for the most part borrowing most of the first three volumes and makes it something altogether new and never seen on film. I can almost feel the excitement that the creative team felt when they went through this source material, taking the best parts of a robust story, and crafting into their own thing.

The last three volumes were read in the colorized form, which helps break up the monotony that I can’t help but eventually feel when reading anything in black and white. Some of the characters start to look a little too similar, and the color adds to the clarification and the action as well.

Unfortunately, I have failed to find anything else from Bryan O’Malley that I’ve enjoyed other than this series, but I will continue to keep an eye out.

Analysis from a cracked gas pipe silently poisoning everyone around me:

I have legit no complaints here, and that’s a first. I love this series! It is witty and clever and keeps me coming back for more. It can be a little hard to follow, but not even that is off-putting.

I felt like I was following the lives of a bunch of 8th-grade kids who talk too much about sex, but then I would be reminded that these are young adults in their 20s. I found that to be even more amusing because I’m 36, and I like to assume all youngins are idiots.

The artwork is very pleasing. Color or black and white didn’t change much for me. It is youthful, expressive, and stimulating. I love the detail of the background characters. I find the background gets much less attention in other works, but in this one, you can tell attention was paid.

I loved the movie before reading this, and in reality, I love this way more!

Bryan Lee O’Malley

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