Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 – Vol. 3 by Bryan Lee O’Malley (2004-2006)

L: 9.5/10

M: 7/10

 Analysis from a forgotten rebate for three dollars and twenty-six cents:

I believe that I first heard about this book after watching the Edgar Wright film adaptation. I’m not sure if that has positively tainted my perspective of the source material or not. The film in question is such a true page to screen transformation. It takes direct scenes from the book, and at the same time, adds enough to make it it’s own thing. When you’re reading the book, it feels like you’re playing a video game, and when you’re watching the movie, it feels like you’re reading a comic.

I collected the first three volumes of Scott Pilgrim in it’s original black and white form many years ago and never finished them for one life-related reason or another. Such a fool was I because I so thoroughly enjoyed going back into this world, that I perhaps spent a little too much time reading these, even going back through them periodically. The characters aren’t very likable at times, but they are just kids, living in a strange anime/dance dance revolution/street fighter world where the fourth wall never was even built, so I have to give them a break.

It’s hard to just review the book and leave the memories of the film out of my mind. The casting for all the characters was so perfect that I can’t help but think it heightened my re-reading experience tenfold. Some scenes are missing from the book, and some scenes from the film are added to help with flow, but which and where and what is a blurry line.

I shall seek out the remaining three volumes, especially now that they have been reprinted in color. That’s nothing to take away from the black and white form that they were initially intended, I just think it would be nice to experience it in both ways.

Analysis from a solo cup full of sunflower seed shells:

I’ll be honest that I didn’t love this at first. I don’t know that I have ever read manga and will tell you straight up that I had to Google what that even meant. I’m in the know now and totally on board.

It took some work to follow along with this story at first. Knowing it was okay to randomly throw in some crazy unworldly element to a scene that had thus far seemed like a typical teenage romance threw me. I dig it, though. What could have been a more young adult read was entertaining when adding elements of the unexpected along with some witty banter.

Now the artwork is fantastic! I will admit that I longed for the color to burst off the pages, but perhaps the black and white element made the true talent shine more. All in all, it was a win for me!

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Bryan Lee O’Malley

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