Self Titled by Radnor & Lee (2017)

album art

L: 2/10

M: 1.5/10

Analysis from a pineapple on the bedside, nobody knows how it got there:

Yes, It’s that Radnor. Josh Radnor of Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother fame. It’s just a T.V. show that I’ve watched a bunch, no big deal. Separating that with anything else, the actor formally known as Teddy Westside, does in the future should be easy.


I’m sorry Ted Josh, I can’t unsee and furthermore un-hear you. This entire album plays like an episode where Ted falls for a girl who is a Folk singer, and he starts writing music with Marshall, and they play an open mic night at MacLaren’s. The rest of the episode is spent trying to convince the two of them that the lyrics are way too corny, and most of the music comes off as cringey.

The opening lyrics paint the way for the rest of the album’s tone. Ted Josh repeats the tongue twister, “How would it feel to be free of self, if I could free myself, being like the being, ’cause the reason for the being is to be.” What the fuck did you just say Ted Josh? There is more of this throughout, along with some paint-by-number lyrics where you can guess the rhyme before Doctor X spills it.

Adding to the confusion of this album and how I met your mother, I never knew it existed, is that the Lee of Radnor & Lee is none other than Ben Lee. It is absolutely bizarre to me how I never knew this was a thing. Although in the end, it didn’t really matter, I guess. Halfway through the album, I zoned out didn’t even realize when it had played through a second time. I’m sure this type of Folk is right up to said person’s alley, but alas, that alley is not mine. Sadly I cannot fathom a time when I would ever purposely listen to this again.

Analysis from me:

Oh, boy, did I miss the mark with this one. I listened to it once through while reading the lyrics, and it seemed passable. It certainly wasn’t love at first sight, but I would give it a second date. The problem is that halfway through the second try, I realized that the lyrics were best left as poems in a journal by a deeply insightful and intuitive 15-year-old boy who lacks the true talent to verbalize his musings.

It felt like the singers/writers were just looking for a good rhyme. Every time. It didn’t matter if maybe the sentence didn’t make sense as long as the sound of the word did. I was truly shocked by how some of these songs were formed. Also, when left to play in the background, it feels like one very long, rhyming, tedious song. While I feel there is true vocal and instrumental talent to work with here, the genre and songs chosen fail to really showcase them.

Basically, if you watched HIMYM and fell hard for Ted Mosby, his romantic persona, and sappy saccharine view of the world, then it’s your lucky damn day! This is THE album for you. Light your incense, draw a bath, turn this album on and wash your lover’s hair while you discuss how you want “more of this, more of this, bless my life with more of this.”

randor & leeRadnor & Lee

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