Cross My Heart by James Patterson (2013)

cross my heart main.jpg

L: 7.5/10

M: 8/10

Analysis from an obstructed sunset:

Such a strange pick. Why pick the twenty-first book in a series, by one of the most famous authors, published around five years ago? Because Grandpas, that’s why. My weakness is a book given to me in any fashion, and I am forced to accept and read this gift, and sometimes even shoehorn it into this book club.

I’ve seen Mr. Patterson’s work anywhere books are sold, always his newest cover displayed at the front of whatever bookstore I’m walking through. His books have a huge mass-produced feel to everything about them, and this never really inspired me to crack one open. Looking now at his Wikipedia page, I don’t even know the easiest way to count how many titles he has, so I’m not going to even try.

The main character in this title, Alex Cross, has been portrayed in a couple movies and currently twenty-four books. That’s a lot of backstory to catch up, and luckily for M and I, we didn’t have to do any, or at least we didn’t do any and are moving on with our lives living in complete darkness. The book works as a one-off if you just happen to grab it off the shelf or its peer pressured into your hands by a war veteran.

Starting with the one hang-up I have with this, reminding me of the other mass-produced authors we’ve read so far, Danielle Steel, everything about the main character and his family is disgustingly perfect. Nearly distracting at times, his family couldn’t be more perfect, and at times I was rooting for the killer to start killing them already.

The main villain, Sunday, is pretty good here. He instantly has the inside track on how to bring Alex Cross down to his knees, and the majority of the book is the final steps of his plan coming in to play. Along with Sunday, a serial killer is on the loose, and there are enough moving pieces to keep the guessing coming on which direction things could turn out. The finale isn’t to be found within these pages, and I assumed with such a long ongoing series this would be more an episode than a season.

Skeptic, to say the least, I chose this book to speed read on a train to Chicago. The choice turned out to be a good one, as this book reached and passed the low to medium bar I had set and even could trigger a couple more book picks from Mr. Patterson in years to come.

Analysis from a fresh cup of sonic ice:

Well crap! I had no idea this was a series. I have heard of this author but have never read anything by him, nor did I ever intend to. Enter L who throws this curveball, and I immediately loved it! I was in on all the characters, and the story was enthralling. After my previous pick, I was more than thrilled to get into a book again. I wanted to know every story they each had to tell. It was like three books rolled into one, and when I thought I was on top of it, the game would be changed a little.

Here is my issue…I had no idea it was a series! Oh man, I was pissed that L didn’t warn me. There is nothing I hate more than a cliff hanger when I’m invested. However, I acknowledge that it is the author’s vision, and he wants a series, and so I’m not deducting points. I would just rather not have to read a million books, so if someone could hook me up with the outcome, that would be cool.

Overall this was a great beach read. It moves quickly and keeps you on your toes. It’s one of those books that you can fall asleep to while on your third Pina Colada and then wake up just as excited to fall back into it. I’ll be happy to revisit him as an author if he comes back around in our shitty little club.

james pattersonJames Patterson

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