[Podcast Review] The Wine Down by Wine Dialogues (2018)

L: 2/10

M: 3/10

Analysis from an unplugged space heater in a frozen basement:

I jumped on the podcast train early in the game. By the time the first (and arguably only) season of Serial came around, I was already a seasoned and aged podcast veteran. I had explained a numbing amount of times what a podcast was to friends and family. I had walked co-workers through the process of obtaining them over and over again. I was blessed with several jobs that allowed me to spend most of the day not very present in the moment, living in the garages and recording studios of podcast studios in much more interesting locales.

This may be the worst time for me to review a podcast, as I must admit I have reached my limit. With a job that no longer provides me countless hours to keep up to date with my ever-growing number of podcast subscriptions, I had to kick my habit cold turkey and give up living through the lives of podcast people I grew so fond of. But alas, here I am, listening to a podcast by celebrities and podcast people I admire about wine. I don’t dislike wine, nor do I like it. It’s just a thing that exists, and I interact with it when deemed necessary.

Ben Schwartz and the guests do their best to mix humor in with something that doesn’t translate too well audibly and keep the ball rolling. I struggled through the majority to maintain an interest in what they were talking about, and the constant amount of beeped out jokes got on my nerves to the point I started writing this before I even finished. None of their jokes linger long enough without being stepped on by someone else, and the whole thing is just a little jumbled. Perhaps a solid host in the direction of a Nick Wiger (Doughboys) or Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang) could turn this into a tangible thought, but as it stands now its not something that I could really recommend or a podcast that could pull me back into the podcast dark web.

Analysis from a dried-up sharpie in the kitchen junk drawer:

Well shit.

As one of the people L spent way too much time getting into podcasts, I am now an avid listener. I, in fact, barely listen to music at all anymore unless specifically instructed to do so by someone. All my free ear time is spent with Doughboys, Paul Scheer, and the gang, and about ten other delightful podcasts escapes. I will be completely transparent and admit that I even listen to not one, but TWO podcasts about the reality television show, The Bachelor. That being said, even after that terrible confession, this is by far the worst podcast I’ve heard.

I am a huge Ben Schwartz fan and am truly almost always willing to excuse any mishap on his part and just assume it’s some sort of genius that I’m not clever enough to understand. This podcast could not be saved, though. I wanted to love it. I truly did. I LOVE wine. I am not a wine snob, but I love a good red and want to know more about wine, so I assumed that combining my love for Ben, comedy, and wine was a no brainer. Instead, what I got was snippets of information that I could possibly absorb through a clutter of jokes on jokes and random beeping. I have a three-episode policy for any new podcast, so I’ll be giving it a fair shot and just hoping that they haven’t found their groove yet, but my hopes aren’t high. I’m not certain a wine tasting podcast even makes sense conceptually. So far, it doesn’t.

wine down cast

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