Everybody Works by Jay Som (2017)

everybody works

L: 9/10

M: 9/10

Analysis from an insect whose sole purpose is to signal the changing of seasons:

A blending of Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, and Dream-Pop weave their way through the ten tracks making up Everybody Works. When I like an album, and I like this album (a lot), I tend to make up a new genre when I recommend it to friends, people on the street, animals. Everybody Works is pure Bedroom Ghost-Fi.

Layered vocals swell and sweep, fading out and fading in, keeping your ears off balance. The ghostly intro leads to the strongest pop laden track “The Bus Song,” followed by the mid-tempo “Remain,” which is destined to play over end credits. The pace is then sped up once more for “1 Billion Dogs,” which itches that 90’s grunge rock itch in likes of the Breeders or maybe even the Pixies. (I don’t know, I’ve come to realize I’m uncomfortably inadequate in the “sounds like” game). “One More Time, Please,” the stand out track, has such an instant likability that I immediately hit repeat upon hearing the first lines. The rest of the album continues this pacing, keeping your attention through the made for radio title track “Everybody Works” and the beautiful finale “For Light.”

I could listen to Jay Som read me the business section of a paper in a town I’ve never heard of, and I’d be all ears. Every once in awhile, an album comes around at the perfect time in your life. Depression and Spring are waging a losing war in my head right now, and “Everybody Works” is just what I needed.

Analysis from a sonic ice addict:

L is my DJ. He’s had the title for years and seems to be perfect at matching moods to music, so when he suggested we include music in our shitty reviews, I was more than a little apprehensive as I entirely depend on him to review tunes for me and send them for my enjoyment. Luckily, he started me out easy with this no brainer of melodic brilliance.

I’m as much a lyric whore as I am an illustration whore, and if I like the sound of the music and the lyrics don’t speak to me, then we will part ways with a quick skip. This is why you’ll most likely never hear one single country song when hovering around my space. I started listening with the music just playing in the background and then followed it up with a sit down of the lyrics as the song played along. I love how each new song brings about a different sound that somehow ties into the last but still has a vibe all its own to match the rawness of the lyrics perfectly. Her lyrics are basic yet brilliant, and each song takes me to some memory, be it recent or buried deep. I want to scream the lyrics of “Take It” to an ex who’s best quality was finding my worst. “Everybody Works” screams my inner dialogue almost daily. I can’t argue that “One More Time, Please” is the clear stand out song. I’ve got it on repeat-peat-peat-peat.

Nailed it Jay Som. Die-hard fan here. I would even go to your concert and from this claustrophobic anxiety-driven gal that’s saying a hell of a lot. Well done, L. You’ve done it again.

jay som
Jay Som

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