Vengeance of Moon Knight by Gregg Hurwitz, Jerome Opena, Tan Eng Huat, and Juan Jose RYP (2009)

ven of mk.jpg

L: 6.5/10

M: 5/10

Analysis from a Post-it note that won’t stick:

I live by a simple rule when it comes to comics: Good art can save bad writing, and bad writing only adds to bad art.

This attempt at a reboot of Moon Knight by Marvel starts out in the plus column of both good writing (Hurwitz) and one of the best current artists (Opena). The story is an interesting rehashing of the character. Often plagued by multiple personalities, Moon Knight struggles to keep it above the horizon. This volume kicks off with Marc Spector returning to New York and setting up base with a solo personality, with hopes of cleaning up his name. Ghosts from his past linger in the shadows, keeping him up at night and even trying to crack his sanity. After the first story arc wraps up and his limits are stretched, things get a little messy.

The writing starts going in every direction, and the art goes south. I’ve seen good stuff from this artist before, but here panels are often hard to distinguish what is actually happening. Bodies are way out of proportion, and the action is just confusing. This small arc also includes Deadpool, which for some reason, has no idea who Moon Knight is and vise versa. It also seems like Hurwitz forgets who Deadpool is, giving him an IV to heal, an ability he can do without being admitted to a hospital.

After that mess, the art switches to another big hitter in Juan Jose RYP, but by this point, it feels like the fate of the book has already been decided. A team-up occurs with a short-lived Avengers team, The Secret Avengers. The small story arc is fun, but is over after just two issues, concluding this reincarnation of the character.

Moon Knight is a top three favorite comic character for me. It’s a crime that every recent recyling of the character has never lasted. There is a current ongoing series that is still showing promise ten plus issues in. When the crazy is embraced and ratcheted up to bat shit, things feel to have a place. Vengeance, along with all the other failed reboots, can never seem to pin down the character’s multithreaded heads. Hope lies in the repeated efforts to get it done correctly, and I’ll continue to hold out hope.

Analysis from the value of the coefficient:

Reading this type of comic always throws me a bit. I find it so hard to follow and have to re-reading pages to make sure I’ve gathered all of the information. This has never been more necessary than with this comic. I felt almost claustrophobic with most pages. I think the artwork was amazing, but just so cluttered and detailed that my eyes felt a little overwhelmed. I will say I read it on my phone, so perhaps a physical copy would provide less of an issue, but I still prefer to clean division.

Moving on to the story…I had to do a little research to figure out the basics of what was happening since I’m a newbie at the character, but I love it. It’s a great storyline, and I feel bad for the guy, proud of his change and fear of his dark side. A well-rounded character with lots of layers is something I can get behind. There were times I felt a little lost, but I found my way.

My only real issue with the reading is the final volume, which was so cheesy and lame. Had this not been part of the reading, it would have gotten an 8 from me.

“We’re a bunch of ass-kickers for sure…but we’re also a team.”


Gregg Hurwitz

Jerome Opena

Tan Eng Huat

Juan Jose RYP

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