Sex Criminals Vol. 1 & 2 by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky (2014)


L: 10/10

M: 10/10

Analysis from a cycle of unfavorable seasons:

Sex Criminals is great. My review could just be those four words, paired with a 10/10.

There is an invisible niche out there that may be impossible for the nonbeliever to reach: Comic bliss. It can be found in many pockets of the comic world. If your understanding of what a comic is stretches no further than Batman punching Spider-Man in the face, or whatever blockbuster movie from the big two is playing this week, then you’re severely handicapping your horizons.

The first volume of Sex Criminals hooks you in immediately, to such a speed that I feared the writing was jamming itself into a corner. My doubts were quickly erased in the second volume, as the characters fuck their way into brilliant world creation. Every character, villain, friend, extra, is perfectly crafted. The writing and art is such a perfect balance, I’d spend time re-reading panels just to soak it all in.

Breaking the fourth wall often elicits a chill in my spine. In my opinion, unless you’re Deadpool or Zack Morris, cut it out. Add this comic to the approved list. It’s done in such a well thought out the way here, that you can’t help but wonder how long it will take before being morphed into a television series. At one point, dialog with the creators takes place within a musical sequence within someone’s thoughts, and it’s not nearly as confusing as typing that sentence.

Consuming extraordinary books like this is painful when you don’t do it in issue by issue format. But reading a bunch of them at one time is a great reward. I couldn’t possibly recommend a book more.

Analysis from a Scrooge supporting spinster:

Perfection. It is absolute perfection. It was around two years ago when L first sent me a copy of this brilliance. I recall reading it and loving it, but I was just being introduced to the comic world, so I quickly moved on searching for others. Having come back to this world, I can’t believe I haven’t been running some psycho fan club this whole time.

I am telling you that there is not one single page I didn’t happily consume, and I have since (read one week) re-read both volumes twice. Suffering from insomnia has never been so delightful. The witty writing with a healthy dose of sarcasm is my crack. Seriously. Put it in a spoon and pass me a bic. I’m totally addicted. The artwork is just as appealing as the banter. As a curvy gal, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the women having a variety of shapes and a little bump in their walkaway. The jewels at the end are as enjoyable as the actual story. I love having a little insight into the creators and feel like I might have learned a little about sex that I surprisingly wasn’t aware of.

I am being forced to wait to read the 3rd volume until they release the 4th, and we can go two at a time again. So, Chip and Matt get to work!!

Chip Zdarsky

Matt Fraction

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