Paper Girls Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson (2016)


L: 8/10

M: 7/10

Analysis from someone who can never spell analysis correctly:

I’m a sucker for an Image number one sitting on a shelf in a comic shop. Throw in kids on bikes and an 80’s pastel color wheel, and you have a sale. It also helps that Brian K. Vaughn has scripted some of my favorite books of the last few years, including Saga. If it wasn’t for Image and their stance on letting creators get together to work on whatever they can dream up, the comic industry would have gone stale long ago for me.

Having recently just finished Stranger Things and having a strong affection for Super 8, Paper Girls fits right into that “kids getting into sci-fi adventures” genre sized hole left in my heart. Paper Girls only briefly idles in the normal and rational, lasting maybe half an issue, before the sci-fi switch gets turned on full blast. Time-traveling teens interrupt a late-night Halloween paper route, and shit just unravels from there. Dinosaurs, space knights, and body snatching flies around these beautiful pages. The color pallet works perfectly with the art style here. It will be interesting to see how that changes with the potential time jumping and endless possibilities to where this story can go. This is yet another Image title to happily add to my pull list.

Analysis from a self-diagnosed basket case:

These chicks are so badass. I’m so old that I can remember riding my bike and there being kids who delivered papers on their bikes and just dreaming I could be one! The visuals fit perfectly within my memories, and no detail was missed. This one had me from the title.

I found it hard to follow along a few times so I would overanalyze and re-read, but after the third try, I realized the charm of the writing is that it assumes you can pick up on clues around you and do not need it to dissect and explain each line and plot. I can appreciate that about an author. It shows he has confidence in his readers, and I will gladly accept the challenge at any time.

This mismatched gang of girls clearly has stepped into some galaxy battle shit, and while I don’t envy them, I sure as fuck hope it lasts forever! I want to always have a few of these lying around ready for the next misadventure.

brian k vaughan

Brian K. Vaughan


Cliff Chiang


Matt Wilson

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