Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce (2015)

wuvable oaf 01

L: 3/10

M: 3/10

Analysis from a drawer full of useless auxiliary cables.

I am not in the demographic this collection of comics is aiming for. Although I view myself as very open-minded (humblebrag), this was a little much. I can’t really blame a book or artist whose work isn’t marketed towards me (white straight male), only the recommendation (looking at you, M). The mostly black and white art is superb, reminding me of the underground comics my dad used to poorly hide when I was a kid. Thinking back, the first human genitalia I ever saw came from the pages of those strange comics hidden between dusty vinyl.

The story of Oaf Jadwiga is never really fleshed out. This collection of issues follows his quest to land a date with an unlikable frontman for a hardcore jizzcore discogrind deathmaul band, with some cat stuff thrown in the middle. The vast majority of jokes don’t land, but again, that is clearly on me, not Ed Luce, and this beautifully put together deluxe hardcover.

Analysis from an EARLY thirties British Accent Friday fan.

This one is on me. I’m trusted to pick out my first graphic novel, and since I am totally a judge a book or beer by its cover kind of gal, I went with the amazing cover art. I wouldn’t say I regret the decision, but I wouldn’t say I don’t. I’m a straight white lady and like to think I love all kinds, shapes, sizes, sexual preferences, and colors (not so humble brag), but whoa this book is uber gay. I ran a few pages by a gay guy friend of mine, and his response was that he might start seeing chicks. Then he read more and laughed and loved it. So what do I know? Oaf just wants to be loved, and in the end, I think he wins over his dream dude. He might have to share him, but I’m pretty sure he’s earned bottom bitch.

Now let’s talk about art…AMAZING!! I can’t get enough of the style. I would happily awkwardly read another work by Mr. Luce just for the visuals alone. Superb. Even pages that are just essentially hair won me over. This is why I like graphic novels. I just want to rip the pages out and paper my walls with this kind of art.

Ed Luce

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