Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari (2015)

Modern Romance Cover 1

L: 7.5/10

M: 8/10

Analysis from a blank notebook, filled with invisible ink.

I have always loved Aziz Ansari, all of his film and television work, even seeing the standup tour that accompanied this book. Going into this book, I wasn’t expecting to make many solid connections to the topic. Being in a very long term relationship and marriage, very little was relatable for me.

 Aziz put some work into this. The book reads like a textbook for a class I wish I could register for at a community college as a prerequisite. His humor breaks up the mass of raw numbers thrown at the reader and does a good job keeping an enjoyable flow. If Aziz could have maybe authored a History or Biology book, high school would have been a little more enjoyable.

 While not all of the online dating and early relationship information was all too relevant to my life, some topics were very relatable. I have both initiated and terminated relationships in the digital world. That world was just a little different and option deficient in comparison to today’s environment. AOL Instant Messenger and the very first phones to offer texting were my options, and thinking/typing that sentence makes my upcoming thirtieth birthday all that more depressing.

 I hope this book finds more use in the hands of someone currently seeking a serious relationship. It could help abate some doubts about whether or not there is hope out there. While some of the technical terms and physical technology Aziz references will soon be outdated, his message should remain and adapt as does the word modern.

Analysis from a 33-year-old spinster who is seriously considering a Bumble account:

This book was not at all what I had expected. Having been a fan of Aziz since the beginning days of Parks and Rec and loving most if not all of his Twitter and Instagram goings-on I figured this book would be a hilarious look into dating in the modern world. It turns out that Modern Romance is, in fact, a textbook on dating in the here and now. I am a single woman in my 30s, and this book was eye-opening and terrifying. I’m not left feeling particularly excited about my prospects for finding a man, but my approach is more realistic now. I feel almost justified in how jaded I have become the past few years in regards to finding a potential mate. It’s as if Aziz and his team of helpers set out to prove me right. While it’s not a humorous book, there is the occasional Aziz jab and the added bonus of hearing it in his distinct voice as you read through each statistic filled line. I think more so than having just been interested in the book’s subject matter I love it more because it is a comedian whom I admire that chose to not write a standard memoire or a book full of funny anecdotes, but instead set out to take a long and somewhat tedious intellectual look at a cultural phenomenon. Kudos to Aziz for straying from the norm and really giving readers something they can hold on to. I learned a lot from this book and will definitely be passing it on and recommending it to others in life. This book makes me feel like part of a global team of single ladies and gents who are just looking for a good match and frustrated with how difficult it can be to navigate the dating world. Also, shoutout to Aziz for discouraging random dick pics. Someone needed to let men know it’s weird. (Now, random beard pics are encouraged…seriously…)

Aziz Modern Romance
Aziz Ansari

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